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  • "Anvin has been a responsible team member in his whole tenure working in risk management team. He was involved in the process re-engineering for Assurance service line to make sure that the Independence policies are executed in line with the global audit policies. He was also an integral part in getting the offshore process stabilized with all the new changes aligned with the offshore teams".

    Prijith Nair

  • "Limna has been a responsible team member in her whole tenure working in the management accounting department. Her honest and hardworking nature was really impressive and she has served as a backbone for planning and controlling .She carried out detailed workings and analysis through monthly analysis and budget review, highlighted in a timely manner and critical variances that may have arisen over the budget review period. Ensured timely submission of Budgets and Forecasts, carried out reviews, analyze variances against budget forecasts and business objectives to enable management to trigger off corrective action"

    R Sudheesh Kumar